Imagine a community, imagine a world . . .

where how we live nourishes the earth,
helps people realize their potential,
and creates joy in community.

7th Generation Supper

How can we realize that community, and that world?
By re-imagining the way we live!

Welcome to Transition Fidalgo & Friends, part of a fast-growing number of communities embarked upon the great adventure of learning to live more sustainably. Across the country and around the world, Transition communities are building future resilience by growing their own food, re-learning basic skills, localizing economies, re-thinking transportation, installing solar panels, tapping the energy of youth, and honoring the wisdom of elders—and all while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Transition communities are a vital source of energy for a post-oil, low-energy world. We hope you'll join us and increase your “contribution footprint!” Try an Eat Your Yard class, enjoy a 7th Generation Supper with your neighbors, build self-reliance by taking a Skill Share workshop, join (or start!) an action group.

The time to make a difference is . . . now.